Can I save and backup my health data and information?

If you create a MedHelp account, yes your data will be safely saved and backup so you can access your data across all your devices and personal computer.

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    your website is very good

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    Jacky Sor

    I used the mobile app until now. It keeps blocking me, and asks me to rate the app, but does not respond to any button i press. Can access my data from the web account? i have info on the app that i need. Or tell me what to do to make the app work again, please.

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    Hi Jacky,
    So sorry that you are running into some issues with the app- if you have an account set up, you can access your data. Just go to and log in using your account information. Also, we'd like to take a look at why the app isn't allowing you past the rate screen- can you write to us through email so we can get a few more details?
    Thank you!

    The MedHelp Team

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