What are Community Leaders? What do they do?

What is a MedHelp Community Leader (CL)?


MedHelp CLs are outstanding members who have shown exceptional knowledge in specific health areas or are active members who enjoy leading their communities. They provide responsible commentary on a variety of health-related topics. You can recognize these members by the dark blue compass icon on the left side of their MedHelp profile pic. As leaders for their communities and role models for other members, CLs create honest discussion and help others have the best possible experience on MedHelp. They welcome new members and help any members in need of assistance.


Community Leaders are not MedHelp Moderators who monitor the site, though Community Leaders may help if there is an issue, working with our Moderators to address it.


What does a MedHelp CL do?

CLs actively participate in their communities by starting new threads, responding to member posts and asking questions of the community to spark dialogue. CLs encourage conversation, are tolerant of differences in opinion, and diplomatic, kind and respectful. They warmly welcome new members to help build a growing community, and they check in periodically with members through private message (PM) to encourage them to return to the community and share updates.

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