How do I contact another MedHelp member directly (outside of the forums)?

In order to ensure the confidentiality of users, MedHelp does not share the personal information of any of its users. MedHelp members can be contacted directly through the site using private messages. There are three easy ways to directly message a user.

    • Upon accessing the profiles of other MedHelp users, a user may send a message to that user by clicking the “Send Message” link located at the top right of the profile. After typing in a message, click the green “Send” box.
    • If you know the recipient’s username, you can send them a direct message from your profile or home page. To do so, select “Messages” at the top right of your profile or home page and select the “Compose” option. Enter information into the fields and select the green “Send” when you are done.
  • You can also send a message from anywhere in the site by hovering over the recipient's username on any web page and clicking the “Send Message” link in the box that appears.

Alternatively, you can contact another MedHelp user by leaving a note which is a public message. You can leave a note for a user by hovering over their user name and clicking the “Leave a Note” link in the box that appears.

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