Friends Application

What is the Friends application?

Our Friends application allows you to add other MedHelp users as friends on the site. With the Friends application, you can find another user and invite them into an anonymous friendship on the MedHelp site.

How do I add a friend?

Making friends is easy. Simply click the “Add as Friend” link at the top right of a user's profile page. You can also add a friend by hovering over their MedHelp username with the mouse and clicking “Add as Friend” in the window that appears. However, after you have added a user as a friend, that user must confirm you as a friend. Notifications of friend invitations are located at the top of your profile page. Friends will show up in the Friends application on your profile page.

How do I remove a friend?

To remove a friend, click the “See All” link under the Friends application on your profile page. On the next page, find the friend you would like to remove and click the “x remove” link next to their profile.

How do I block/unblock a user?

After logging into your account, click the “Account Settings” link on your profile page. Click the “Block List” link. Enter the nickname of the user and click the green Block box.

A user is harassing me. What should I do?

If another user is harassing you, report the user by clicking "Submit a request below". Please include the name and all pertinent details, including a link to the post or message where harassment occurred.

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